God knows what we need more than we do

“A man’s steps are decided by the Lord.  How can anyone understand his own way?” Proverbs 20:24, NLT

We marvel at having been here over 2 weeks now and not yet having a specific direction in our ministry.  We’re passionate about global campus development for LifeChurch.tv and desire to lead a Life Group in our home and/or online, that much is obvious to us.  It’s also clear we are to be out in the community meeting people, visiting local churches, and praying for this city and its people as we see them on the street, but there is a weird lack of direction (apart from those activities I just mentioned) being received from God right now as compared to what we assumed (there’s the key word, I suppose) we’d have at this point in time.

It is an odd feeling to wake up in the morning with no specific place to go or thing scheduled to do.  After a few days of this (particularly for busy Americans, I think) one wakes up, has his quiet time with the Lord, then begins to wonder *what* type of contribution he can make to the world around him on that day.  This is where Satan works to convince us we don’t belong here and have no purpose here.  Yet reviewing our journals and recalling miraculous ways God has worked out details to bring us here shuts the enemy’s mouth quickly and sends him away in Jesus’ name.  So we continue getting up, getting ready, bundling up, and going out to interact with locals.

Wavering back and forth from the occasional thought of ‘geesh, we might be a little crazy for being here’ to the more typical thought ‘Lord, please use us – time is already passing us by and we want to make a difference for you and our beloved church’, God did for us what God always does for His children: He provided exactly what we needed when we needed it.

Last night 4 church staff members joined us in our flat for dinner and conversation.  We ate together, we became much better acquainted, I laughed until my face hurt.  The children had a new, captive audience of adults to show toys to and tell about their worlds.  Blake tried out a few new knock-knock jokes, Mackenzie gave goodnight hugs.  We sat around in our family room and talked of all sorts of great things.  Fellowship!  What a treat for us to share. 

Before dinner, Chris and the staff members met with the pastor at the church we attended last Sunday down the street for what I hear was a very positive session of Q & A to give the staff insight on culture and church and England and the pastor more information about LC.tv.  It does my heart good to know a relationship has formed there from which both parties can benefit.

I will post more later on Blake being “The Brown Girl in the Middle” today at the Wimbledon Library and our surprise arrival of 4 BIG boxes from Oklahoma.  Blake’s waking up from his nap, and since we have no TV I need to use our laptop to show him a video after his nap.  Happy Friday!

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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