We had another great Sunday here in Wimbledon.  After considering it prayerfully, Chris and I agreed we’d stop visiting new churches each week (except for one or two we plan to visit early next year out of town) and attend Wimbledon Hillside regularly to build relationships and stay amongst Christian fellowship as we wait for God’s direction for  People at Wimbledon Hillside know our goal is to expand to the area and are extremely supportive.  Richard gave a great sermon on Luke 11 yesterday and the four of us truly enjoyed the post-sermon fellowship.  Blake in particular was able to wrestle and run with some boys at church and loved that!

We’ve now met four of our neighbors and continue praying for them and more opportunities to get to know them well.

I mentioned last week we were wondering whether to put Blake in a local preschool, and we are confirmed this is what we should do.  We have an appointment to tour a nearby ‘nursery’ at 11am Tuesday.  If Chris and I agree it’s a great place for Blake, he’ll attend full day for two days each week.  Thanks to those of you praying about this concern.

The children’s health is improving as compared to last week, and we’re all doing well.  Mackenzie is entertaining us with new words and lots of gabbing these days – such a joy to see her blossom in this environment of having both of her parents around more often for security.

Yesterday afternoon we attended the Internet Campus (4pm our time) and were blessed to see 66 people receive Christ as their Savior following the service.  Incredible!

We have a promising week ahead.  In addition to finding a school for Blake, I look forward to celebrating Chris’s 30th birthday on Thursday and having lunch in pastor Richard’s home on Friday.

Our faith is growing in that it’s only a matter of time until God makes known His plan for in London.  We’ve had a small team of people praying since August for God to begin calling people to join our family in London (either locals or people from in the US) to help us in ministry.  Chris and I are also praying now that God would lead specific persons of influence to step forward in faith and donate funds radically to the spread of our church to England.

We’ll keep you up to date!

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