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Click here to see a few photos taken this week.  We do a lot of walking around the city, and it’s fun to take my camera along to capture what we see.

walking the rail trail behind our neighborhood

Flippin' Burgers for Jesus

Last September I ran across this video clip and it comes back to mind from time to time. I am inspired every time I watch this video by seeing a man who loves Jesus and found a simple yet profound way to serve Him.

* Can you flip a burger?

* Can you teach children Bible stories while their parents are refreshed to hear the Word of God during a church service?

* Are you able to volunteer to answer phones at your local pregnancy crisis center?

* Will you take someone who’s lonely out for a cup of coffee?

* Will you give your children more than 5 minutes of your time every evening?

* Will you turn off the ‘hellivision’ tonight, look your spouse in the eyes, and get to know him or her better…or again?

* Will you ask God where you can serve??

Watch what this man does and see how simply God’s work can be done.

Further Preview Update

Dana’s update summed up well our evening at Hillside.  I am so thankful to those who participated in our evening and for the feedback.  While there was much discussion on the “American-ness” of the experience, in the end, even the skeptics said they looked forward to seeing how the service will be received by those here in Wimbledon.

By all means the younger folks in attendance were excited about the media and technology being used.  They were amazed that you could actually worship along with a video presentation as opposed to having a live worship team.  The concept of being able to setup church with so little effort was exciting as they could see the possibility of being much more flexible on when, how, and where you could have a service.

While a little more time will give us a definitive answer, we trust very much that we will be able to use the church two times a month starting in March.  I think we also have some willing volunteers that will attend also.

Be amazed…at the fact that of all of the places we could have found a home in London…we found one just down the way from an excellent church…who was open to the idea of what we had to offer…and God had it planned all along!


I found the following link from the Internet Campus blog.  Click here for a strong visual example of why the Gospel must continue being shared around the world – including in your home and community.  What will you allow God to do through you today to help meet this great need?? Named Most Innovative Church of 2008

Read the list here.

Read an interview with Pastor Craig here.


Since some of you have sweetly informed me you’ll be watching our blog closely for an update on the Network Campus preview, I want to be sure to post something before our evening ends (it’s 8:45pm here). I’d planned to stay home with the kids tonight but at the last minute while praying for the service this afternoon felt the Holy Spirit led me to call the one babysitter we have – and she was available on just two hours’ notice! I was extremely glad and blessed to have been part of the preview service for 10 people involved in leadership roles at Hillside Church.

Chris set up a cozy meeting – lots of cakes, baked goods, and hot drinks. He thought of everything and – for having known him for 10 years now – tonight is among a handful of times when I’ve most seen God at work through Chris’s words spoken to others. It was deeply gratifying for me to sit in back of the room and watch God speak through him to the group.

I had to come back early as we were sure the service and comments wouldn’t take more than 2.5 hours, but the Q & A as well as feedback is still going on. Following that, Chris will wash all the coffee mugs, rearrange the furniture, and no doubt try to sort out all the comments and helpful recommendations in his mind.

The group ranged in ages from mid-20s to mid-70s, so there were many’s ‘great media‘ comments, Stephen Cole (whose worship we used) has a standing invitation to lead worship any time at Hillside :), there were a few ‘it’s very American‘ comments, and a few ‘can a recorded teaching really be effective?’ concerns. Everyone present sincerely wanted to encourage us, and it was a big surprise to see through new eyes. Some things commonly done in US churches just aren’t done here in the UK yet – like song lyrics being put on the screen, for example. We were both able to field questions and were blessed to see our local church family sincerely challenged by God’s words through Craig. Like you, I’m eager to hear Chris’s perspective and his full synopsis since he was present for the entire event.

Thank you for praying before, during, and even now for this event. I’m sure those who attended will end their evenings with the 30 Days to Live message on their hearts. We are grateful to have had the chance to share this church we love with people we’re becoming more relationally connected to. We’re praying tonight’s service confirmed for Hillside to take a chance on the Network program and us and will let you know as soon as we know more about the plan.

Third Person Moving to London!!

To our prayer team – you’ve joined us in praying since last August “That God would begin calling people to join us once we’re in London to reach the lost and believers who are not currently walking in His ways”.

All praise to our God who is answering this request in a mighty way! He’s been at work in ways we could never have seen or guessed over the past months to change peoples’ life circumstances to lead them to London. Read more here.

We cannot imagine what – apart from the Spirit of God – would compel a great guy like Keith to want to help us out. Our faith continues to grow that God has many plans for in London. Thanks, Keith, for joining the club of ‘wild maniacs.’ No doubt God will work through you to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ! NETWORK CAMPUS PREVIEW SERVICE TODAY!

Here’s a photo of the church we’re hosting the preview service tonight at 6pm GMT/Noon OKC. We’ll post news as to how the event went once Chris is home.

Please pray the church’s leadership is receptive to the service preview, are enthusiastic about the potential of changed lives, and allow us to host network campus services in their church regularly.



This is a summary of a good article I read last week by Joseph Bentz.  You can read the entire article here.

How much noise can you pump into your head before you begin to drown out God’s voice?

Eight suggestions to  begin right away to listen to Him more clearly:

1. Delay checking your e-mail or other messages.
2. Get more sleep.
3. Cut out one TV show or 60 minutes of Internet a day, and spend that time in silence, meditative prayer, or Bible reading.
4. Walk or jog – quietly.  (leave the iPod at home)
5. Review all your activities and commitments – and choose one to set aside.
6. Attend to life’s simple pleasures, and take time to enjoy the moment.
7. When driving alone, make your car a sanctuary of solitude and prayer.
8. Serve others.

Somebody Gotsa Go!

Okay. I’ll admit it. 3 months is probably my limit for living under such a small roof with a 2 year old, a 4 year old, and Chris. Chris is welcome to stay. Blake and Mackenzie, if they continue to team up and wise up against their sometimes spiritually weary parents – might have to stay in the flat next door for awhile. Were there a hidden camera in our flat at any given time of day, you’d probably see one of our children catching us by surprise with a new (occasionally not so cool) trick, expression, idea, word, or acrobatic feat. Every morning when we wake up their toys have multiplied. Each night we swoon to watch their sweet faces sleeping – but they are merely recharging their busy batteries.

Dana: Chris?

Chris: Yes?

Dana: Can you be nice to the kids right now because I don’t think I can.

Chris: No problem.

Dana: And if Blake asks for any more of the chocolate my mom sent him, tell him I ate the rest of it.

I adore my kids. They teach me something new every day. But both seem to be in a state of constant movement. I think Blake needs a ‘to go’ tray tied around his neck since he can hardly sit for dinner. Mackenzie would probably enjoy being in a room of blank white walls with about 5,000 stickers and markers so she could decorate it floor to ceiling. Both children like turning our furniture (which is rented with the flat – not our own) into drums to play on. Did you know that any object (or person, for that matter) that is more than 6 inches off the ground is perfect for jumping on or off endlessly?

When you shrink childrens’ home sizes (ie personal play space) by about 2000 sq. feet it can get ugly – and a bit destructive. Case in point: the day we moved into our flat we knew we needed a small bed for Blake to sleep in. We bought him a folding bed from IKEA that can be ‘transformed’ (that what his wise mother told him) into a chair. After roughly 4 weeks of them bouncing off the walls Chris conjured up this fantastic (can sarcasm be communicated via blog??) idea – the bed is a perfect sled to slide down our 20 stairs. Our neighbors must think a marching band lives in the last flat on the upper floor of our building. Every morning. Every night. I start calming down then one of the kids pops up and says, “Can we slide down the stairs?” Walking up the stairs last week I found the last of 4 handles that were sturdily sewn on the bed when we bought it in November. I’ve vacuumed more wads of shredded batting from the back of the bed than I care to recall. The thing is so flat and worn now that Blake rolls off it onto the floor some nights when he’s using it in its proper capacity.

Remember the scene from Jurassic Park when the scientist is told dinosaurs can’t reproduce because it’s biologically impossible? His response is that nature always finds a way. I’m really not promoting evolution here – but I’m quite certain my children are less like humans and more like wild animals the longer we live in close quarters!!

Chris just told me he’s proud of me for blogging about this and having a good laugh about it all. But that doesn’t change the fact that I know Mackenzie is upstairs eating my chap stick for the third time this week. I think one of my eyes twitches permanently now.

My parents gave Blake a DVD for Christmas that has an awesome short film featuring Baby Jack Jack from Disney’s The Incredibles movie. I love my kids. Yet I think watching this clip will give you good perspective as to how Chris and I feel spending all day, nearly every day with our kids. Now if we can just keep the flat in working order so we get that security deposit back… :)

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