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Swerve Post

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Meet The Open Door Musicians

Click here to meet some of the people who’ll begin helping us with worship at The Open Door next Sunday!

Wish You Could've Been There!

We had 16 people tonight at The Open Door!  We’re getting excellent feedback and encouraged about heading into this week with some good leads and appointments that came out of tonight’s fellowship.  I’ve included some pics (remember the church is under construction!).

When we arrived we discovered that the Korean church that meets before us had prepared a feast in the church kitchen. As I walked upstairs in the stagnant heat I could smell the garlic shrimp. Thankfully, the ever-helpful Jayma ran (and I think she literally may have run!) down the street to buy some Febreeze so our attendees wouldn’t turn around and go back home! We had a really great time of worship and were especially happy that Chris’s college roommate from his freshman year at OK Baptist University, who is now the pastor of Tecumseh OK’s First Baptist Church, attended while in town on a mission trip.

…Maybe you’ll be joining us on September 14th at The Open Door launch?!?  :)

The Battle's On

Okay, Folks! We’ve been fighting internet connection problems (which keep us from fully participating in our Internet Campus resposibilities at times) and our water supply was cut off today (don’t worry Mom – the bills are being paid: the entire neighborhood’s without water!)  We’re having a local heat wave and lack of air conditioning means lack of sleep for us.  There are a few other continually nagging things I’m sure are meant to trip us up with each passing day right now – meaning we’re on to something here in London!

Inviting each of you plus many other people to The Open Door’s launch in September was not news well received by our enemy, either. (Thankfully, God has brought to our attention this week more people seriously considering a move here.)

I believe these are all signs of a breakthrough around the corner for our ministry.  Join us in prayer for tonight’s attendance at The Open Door and I’ll let you know what happens!

1 Samuel 14:6b (NLT) “Perhaps the Lord will help us, for nothing can hinder the Lord. He can win a battle whether he has many warriors or only a few!”

Time to Visit London?

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Here are a few pics from last night!

Very Good Evening Service Tonight…

I sent an e-mail to our prayer team earlier this week and we’re already seeing the positive results of those prayers!  We’re gaining a sense of which OPEN churches we’ll visit in August, had a wonderful 9am GMT Internet Campus service this morning, and tonight’s experience at The Open Door was very good as well.

While we did not have a large group, we had nearly all different attendees tonight and a ‘seeker’.  This person liked the experience, plans to return, and has asked for prayer this week.  There was a good sense of community and many, many positive comments about the message on “Habakkuk: When God Seems Unfair”.  The feedback was the best we’ve ever had, in fact.  We are also thrilled that 3 different people have now agreed to help provide live worship on occasion for The Open Door – something we’ve been seeking God in prayer for since February.

We’ve been processing every detail of this evening in our living room with Jayma this evening and are pleasantly surprised to discover that – even though we’d assumed it would be young families – the demographic we’re reaching and attracting is consistently single people in their 20s and 30s.  This is good for many reasons, one being that we can actually hold off on providing children’s programming until a need arises.  We’ve been seeking a children’s ministry leader but see that God’s not yet provided as it’s likely not going to be needed in the immediate future.  Always very interesting to gain another piece of the puzzle…

We’re truly encouraged by tonight’s attendance, participation, and response to the message.  I took a few photos to upload to our blog, but we continue having connection problems and I’m unable to get it done tonight.  I’ll try getting them up again tomorrow.  Just wanting to leave you with this update before I head to bed…YAWN!…

Love and thanks to each of you for your prayers!!

Change of Plans!

Well, we had a great evening at The Open Door tonight – but we didn’t even really have our service!  From 5:30pm on we offered coffee and biscuits to the many people walking past.  Everyone was friendly, but no takers.  It was obvious that the large banners hung outside drew much attention from people walking past, and two young ladies who could not stay did drop in to ask me for information about The Open Door so they might return. 

We had 8 adults and 5 kids attend – all friends who’d attended our previous two experiences.  Some people wisely recommended we worship then gather to pray for the ministry and direction in reaching lonely, hurting, and spiritually lost people in London during the message time.  The children joined us as we sat in a circle in prayer.  We’re encouraged to come home tonight having faced this spiritual battle with prayer in community and gaining additional hope and anticipation for God’s plan as a result. 

Thanks to you for being in prayer for us as well!  We learned loads from walking through a new experience set up tonight, having one week of serving coffee to the community under out belts, and having had the practice of going through key parts of the service in preparation for next week. 

God is good…all the time!

Prayers for Tonight's Service

If you’re checking in before NOON OKC time, please pray through our needs below.  I’ll post an update after the service!

* That people walking past our coffee gathering outdoors at 5:30pm (11:30am OKC) would be drawn to attend.
* For the Holy Spirit to prepare men’s hearts before they walk in the door to hear the saving message of Christ tonight and respond by committing their lives to Christ.
* That the Habakkuk (When God Seems Unfair) message would challenge and change those of us who are already believers.
* For God’s chosen people to volunteer to lead the children’s ministry and worship at The Open Door.
* That those volunteering in tonight’s service would be blessed by their participation and selfless service to the Lord.

The London Eye

Today we fulfilled a promise made to Blake last April – to ride the London Eye when we were back in England.  Jayma (one of the family now) joined us for the ride. 

We’re very excited to have our friend Keith from Wales (moving here in September) staying with us tonight.  He’s come in town to attend and volunteer at The Open Door tomorrow night!

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