Seatbelts Buckled!

The most recent thing to take my breath away has been comparing the scope and direction of our family’s life right now as compared to just a year ago. To say the very least, we’re buckling our seatbelts and watching God grow seeds we’ve been quietly tending for the past 18 months. Suddenly – while continuing to partner with churches in the UK – our family has launched into meeting new ministry partners coming out of the woodwork in Poland, France, Spain, Greece, Romania, Germany, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, and Africa. We’re prayerfully scheduling meetings (both online and in person) as God leads. Chris will be in Germany and Paris in the next few weeks. When the children have summer break in August our family plans to drive around Europe to meet with church leaders and others engaged in online ministry like ourselves.

Keep us in your prayers for wisdom as we make the plans. Thank you for helping us tend these ministry seeds with your financial and prayer support. It’s truly wonderful watching God create a network of churches around the world to unite in purpose as the return of Christ draws near.

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  1. Deziray May 13, 2009 at 7:44 pm #

    WOW, growth!

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