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Original post by Dana, [Comments by Chris]

We made the 45-minute (one way) bus trip into Wimbledon today and really like this area. [It was a great place to meet people that helped launch us where we are today] It’s family friendly and safe. We had an agent take us to one flat which is a fair fit for us but not available until much later in the month and not located as close to public transportation as we would like. Chris scheduled with another agent to look at some promising properties, but she’s not available until Tuesday (the day we’re hoping to check out of the hotel!). So we think we’ll return to Wimbledon Sunday [Thankfully we took a sabbath instead of going] or Monday and view a few places we’ve found online that are available and meet our needs in the hopes of asking to view them on the spot. We’ve run into a few raised eyebrows regarding our being “on holiday” with no intent to find local employment or open a UK-based bank account (which requires UK employment – we made an attempt to open one yesterday) [It ultimately took us five months to get a bank account!], but it appears that no landlord will turn down our offer to provide cash payments up front.

While we’d like to have a flat nailed down, our peace remains. God has been good to use comments Chris and I have made to each other and His Word to keep us pointed in the direction we believe He wills for our family. Additionally, it’s been fun adventuring to these new parts of the city with the kids and enjoying the new sites together. I’m glad we’re not feeling too stressed about not having a flat yet because Chris and I agree we found the part of the city that we like best in this general vicinity while looking today – at least that’s ruled out a few hundred flats for rent we might have otherwise worried we’d missed out on seeing! [Sometimes too many options weigh us down. Thankfully God can cause us to focus.]

Tomorrow we hope to catch the LC.tv Internet campus sermon around 4 pm our time [now we have 5 Europe-focused church online experiences and just recently we had a chat room of people from London chatting about where they live and how they found church online.] (due to Daylight Savings Time)…enjoy sleeping in an hour, America!! (England does something like DST but made their seasonal time change 2 weeks ago.)

Kids are healthy and happy, and Chris and I are hopeful we’ll find our home soon. God is good, all the time. [He still is.]

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