Stuck? Probably not, actually.

Yesterday I kept running up against walls – nothing major but the types of things that make one feel she’s not getting anywhere…fast. Shortly after lunch the thought crossed my mind that I was stuck.

Thank goodness for Pete Wilson! As I verbalized my frustration to God in prayer, I immediately remembered hearing Pete speak at Dream Year Nashville Weekend this past January. He said that when we think we’re stuck, we just need to stop what we’re doing, go do whatever it is that recharges us (playing with the kids, a hot bath, reading a book). Once we’ve taken the time to nourish ourselves we can return to work again.

My recharge included some reading and a bit of fresh air (two things I’ve done much too little of lately).

Take a few moments and make a list of things that energize you so that next time you think you’re stuck you don’t have to stay there.

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