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I was recently introduced by a pastor friend in the Czech Republic to Slovo Zivota in Brno.  They’re already broadcasting messages at  Look for to help them add a more personal element to their ministry in the near future in the form of an online church!

The Indy Women’s Half Marathon is the race I’m running on September 3.

Nearly 4 years following the start of in London, I’m in the process of hiring some help.  (Can you hear my sigh of relief?)

I recently learned that there are a number of Poles working in France who don’t speak French.  Our partner has become a home church they can gather around while living abroad!

Due to a miscommunication on my part (proof of my need for assistance, as mentioned above) I recently discovered we miscalculated our Bolivian online church launch…by about 470 people!  There were more than 500 Spanish speaking people in attendance!  Oops…



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