The Bottom Line —> Be 1 of 60

Here are some cool details I’ll bet you don’t know about’s 2011 efforts so far…

  • We’ve served around 2000 unique individual churches in dozens of different countries.
  • We currently operate on less than $2000/month in expenses.
  • I do not receive a salary from incoming donations for my role as President of
  • No other organization in the world provides the localized, online, and international church planting services we do.
  • We receive an average of 3 donations per month, but it will take 60 committed individuals to achieve our vision.
  • If you are a monthly donor to, you invest more than money…you GAIN a voice to bring about global, eternal change. In October, we’ll begin letting our donors vote on the next country we’ll provide equipment to! 

We’re in hot pursuit of the vision to plant online churches in every country by 2020.  This is your chance to help us cover the operational fees to carry out this great calling.  


FIVE $500/month donors

TEN $100/month donors

TWENTY $50/month donors

TWENTY-FIVE $20/month donors 

*You may also make a one-time gift here.  Thank you.  Blue Door Ministries, Inc. is a licensed 501(c)3 and American donations are tax-deductible.



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  1. Andrew Jernigan September 26, 2011 at 6:35 am #

    So grateful for your work in the Kingdom!!! Glad to be partnering financially with you! We will be launching IgrejaOnline.TV in Brazil :)

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