Welcome to My Minimalist Closet

Keeping a minimalist closet saves me loads of time.  Making decisions as to what to wear is a cinch, I don’t fight a nagging feeling I need to buy more to keep up with fashion, and my closet is generally tidy.

I do laundry only twice a week – on Mondays and Thursdays, running a total of 3-4 cycles total a week for all our family’s items.

The pics below are of my current closet and wardrobe.  My out of season clothes and shoes are in boxes on my closet’s top shelf.  While I need to replace a few of the t-shirts soon, if you were to see me out and about this week I’d likely be wearing any combination of items shown here.  (Note: a pair of capris, shorts, two shirts being laundered today, my two dresses and one pair of shoes for special occasions aren’t shown.  I keep my workout clothes folded on a shelf.)

Some of the best advice I can give you is to buy items you can mix and match and focus on a few signature accessories.  I buy 1-2 pairs of sandals every Spring that are worn out come September.  I also choose a scarf, jacket, bag and a piece of jewelry or two that I love and will wear over and over during the current season.  If it’s a minor investment, it’s donated at season’s end.  If it’s made to last, it’s well cared for and kept. Otherwise many of my clothing items are bright colors, easily laundered, and rarely last more than a season or two.

UPDATE: Go here for the latest version of my minimalist closet, showing my Fall collection picture!!



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