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Watch Us Declutter Our Home in London (video) | Dana Byers

Watch Us Declutter Our Home in London (video)

Many of you have mentioned it’s helpful to see others’ homes and learn what they’ve done to declutter.  I’ve been taking a more minimalist approach to life since our family moved from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Phoenix, Arizona in 2005, when I realized I didn’t want to pay money to move belongings for which I have no need or use across the country.

When we sold everything we owned and moved overseas to launch BlueDoor.tv and volunteer for LifeChurch.tv, we took 8 bags with us.  This video was filmed in 2009 and shows you how 8 bags multiplied into a home full of belongings over the course of 18 months.

Tomorrow you can watch the video showing the results of our week-long decluttering process!

Identify items you own which are of no need or use. What can you sell or donate this coming week to create a more peaceful home?



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