Minimalist Packing for Women (Travel)

After having traveled all across Europe with my family, I am regularly asked about minimalist packing for women.  I’m traveling alone today on an overnight trip. While putting my gear together last night I thought I’d snap a few pics with my phone in case you want to see what minimalist travel looks like.

I keep a clear bag of travel size (3 oz. or smaller) toiletries in my linen closet. This bag has a comb, deodorant, contact solution, hairspray, a hair detangler and heat protectant. Shown also are my glasses in their case, my toothbrush, and the jewelry I’ll wear all days of my travel.










Here is a small (approx. 3″x5″) travel cosmetics bag I use every day to apply makeup in 3 minutes or less. Inside the bag are these items: mascara, eye shadow, concealer and pressed powder, a lipstick stain, eyeliner and blush.








I pack these and all the clothing and work supplies I need in a backpack for any trips of 4-5 days or less so I may carry them on to the airplane, saving time by not dealing with the luggage carousel and avoiding losing baggage. Because this trip is only overnight, I have a very light load to carry.  Were I traveling more days, I’d simply use mild hotel shampoo to wash out my clothing and hang them to dry in the hotel room to avoid taking additional bulky items.

What’s your best tip for making travel simple?


Watch this if you’re interested in seeing a video on our mobile and minimalist lifestyle in Krakow, Poland.

2 Responses to “Minimalist Packing for Women (Travel)”

  1. Faye Bryant May 28, 2012 at 8:24 am #

    With three trips looming, I’m excited to learn ALL you’ve got on minimalist travel. The one in particular is the trip for a wedding. HOW on earth to get my pretty dress there AND pack light with the normal clothing…

    • Dana Byers May 28, 2012 at 9:35 am #

      Hi, Faye! Tencel is a great travel fabric. I also use a travel size Downy wrinkle-release after arrival if clithing’s wrinkled despite having been rolled. I roll clothes in flannel PJ pants to cushion them from extra wrinkling.

      Regarding everyday outfits, pick one/day and stick to it. You can mix or match if a change is required due to weather, but having decisions made before you go and not taking more than necessary will make for a more relaxed trip.

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