Have a Bag Clearance this Weekend!

Bags are everywhere, aren’t they? All kinds. If I’m not seeing a pop-up ad for designer purses while working online, I’m stumbling across plastic bags from the market in our laundry room. It seems there’s no escaping them, and they’re taking over our homes.

The problem? Bags’ intended purposes are to carry or collect items. The more we have on hand, the greater the chance for gathering stuff and holding on to it.

It’s also a little known secret that our children like to give us things to carry if they know we have space or a bag on hand. I recall my son being offended that I had no room in my small purse to carry a toy for him while getting on the underground tube transport in London one day. I apologized and suggested he zip it in his coat pocket. By the expression on his face I could tell he’d never considered carrying it himself!

If you have 100 plastic bags stashed in corners of the house, behind the washing machine, and in the garage, you’re in good company (see my mess of bags in this video). However, you can have your grocery delivery service take them away to recycle when they deliver an order or take them to a recycling box at a local store. You will never need them all at once. I keep a few on hand in the kitchen, one in my car’s glove box for trash or unfortunate episodes of carsickness, and having a reusable bag in the trunk of a car means you can say no to the plastic option in any store.

I have a suggestion that will leave you feeling your weekend was productive come Monday morning. Will you take a load of plastic bags to be recycled and sort through your purses to donate or sell the ones you don’t use on eBay this weekend?


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