Minimalist Tips for Book Lovers

I love books. It’s come to my attention that some people so enjoy the experience of holding a hardback book in their hands and turning crisp pages that they’ve no interest in using a digital reading device. If that’s you, I can’t be of much help. But if you’d like to keep books from taking over your coffee table or bedside table, here are some suggestions.

Borrowing Books

The local library is everyone’s friend. Are you worried about little ones misplacing their library books? I learned to hang a book bag for those books in the kids’ closet or book area to keep them separate and easy to locate when they’re due back. Schedule the books’ due date on your smart phone as a reminder so you don’t suffer late fees.

I also like using Kindle’s book borrowing program. I keep a list of books on a wish list and at the beginning of each month I choose one of them check out at no charge for the month. Try it!

Storing Books

We have a closet in the hallway by our children’s rooms for book storage (pictured in this post). Each child has his own shelf. My kids usually have a few books they’re currently reading so those are kept on their bedside tables then re-shelved when they’ve finished and want to choose others. Periodically we go through and discuss whether the books in our collection are too “young” for them or if they have interest in reading them, and we might weed out a few to donate.

Chris and I probably own less than 20 physical books at this time. If I plan to use a book as a reference for a while, I occasionally buy a hard copy to take notes in the margin. At the moment I’m taking an online course and had to order some books only available as hard copies. I plan to sell them online after the course is over. Otherwise, it’s a good practice to pass on great books to friends or donate them.

Books and Kids

My children have handheld devices on which they can read digital books. I created a separate category on our digital book account for their books. Sometimes for a treat I add a book from their age category on Amazon to our Kindle collection and they can read it using the Kindle app on a device.

Are your kids old enough to reach chapter books? Consider downloading a book or devotional you can both read at the same time. Schedule weekly dates on the couch to discuss what you’re reading for 30 minutes. This is a great way to invest in them and learn more about their perspective on things.

How do you keep your love for books from turning into having stacks of them all over the house?


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