Quality Counts

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after low pricing is forgotten! – Leon M. Cautillo

A bargain loses it’s value when it wears out shortly after purchase.  This relates to clothing, appliances, and more.  I have been guilty many times of buying the bare minimum and regretting it.

When we create margin in our lives, we are mistaken to assume that spending as little money as possible to meet a need is the best path.  If we need an item, we generally need it to last.  (I’ve had special cases while traveling where an item will be used temporarily then discarded, but much of the time we’re purchasing things we intend to use into the future.)

The next time you need to purchase something, consider how often you’ll use it and whether you are willing to have to replace it in the near future.  Are you cutting corners in spending in such a way that money winds up being wasted? 


PS – Read how I balanced purchasing quality clothing and staying within a budget here.

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