Choosing What to Axe from Your To-Do List

I like having to-do lists. It feels good to get everything out on paper for a moment (learn how to do that here), but often just a moment later the list can feel overwhelming.  Minimalists focus on one task at a time, and often only a few key tasks a day.  Here’s my litmus test for what to remove.

Ask yourself:

* Is this a waste of time, gas, or money?
* Can someone else can do this?
* Does this goal add unhealthy stress to my current circumstances?
* Who am I serving if I do this?
* What are my true motives here?
* What will happen if I choose not to pursue this today?

Some of the tasks axed from my to-do list today were pulling weeds, painting my nails, picking up an altered pair of pants across town, packing for our drive to Oklahoma this Sunday, and writing another blog post. What can you cut out today?


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