A Simple Morning Routine

My kids start back to school this Thursday, and we’ll have a 25 minute drive for their 8am start every day.  As a result, I’ll be adjusting my morning routine somewhat to accommodate for our new routine.  Here’s what I’ll be trying:

5:30am – prayer

6:15am – exercise

6:45am-7:20am – eat, get ready

7:25 – leave for school and work

While you may never have written it down, you have a morning routine.  It might involve hitting the snooze button a few times, or it could include taking the dog for a walk.  No matter what it is, write it down.  Commit to it.  Let those with whom you live know your routine so they can help or at least be aware.

Tomorrow I’ll share with you a list of things I’m doing to try to make for smooth mornings.

What’s your morning routine?  Please post it in the comments below – I think we could all learn from each other and get ideas as to what to include or cut out.


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  1. MissTheresa August 14, 2012 at 2:03 pm #

    Going back to work/school this next week, this is an awesome idea! And as I age this organization idea fits so well for me, plus it will expand on my prayer time which is a must! Thank you for the idea/plan:

    4:15 Alarm – with NO snooze!
    4:15 Shower, dress, Special K protein breakfast
    4:45 Written prayer
    5:30 Leave for work
    Then while warming and prepping the bus I commit to continue my YouVersion.com Bible Studies. This is my most quiet time of the day and sets the tone for the day.

    Thank you, Dana, you’re such an inspiration and help.

    • Dana Byers August 14, 2012 at 6:13 pm #

      You have to get up early, don’t you, Theresa? I like how you use time on the bus to read God’s word.

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