12 Ways to Maximize Your Mornings

Here’s to a good morning, every day! If you’re like me, you’re well into your day before you even get to the office or get kids off to school.  Here are some ideas I’ve used in the past or am implementing now to make the most of the morning time I have before 8am.  These are suggestions which – if you give them a try – could bank time, energy, and keep things calm both when your morning begins and as the day ends.

  1. Set out breakfast bowls, utensils, and medication or vitamins the night before.
  2. Select the next day’s outfit in your closet before going to bed (have your kids do the same).
  3. Have workout clothing ready to go when the alarm goes off (no excuses!).
  4. Take just 3 minutes to apply makeup.
  5. If you pack a lunch, have a drawer set aside in the fridge & pantry area from which to choose items, toss in a bag, & go.
  6. Put important paperwork or backpacks in your car the night before.
  7. Take a 5 minute shower.
  8. Make breakfast casserole or bacon on the weekend to heat up during the week for a speedy meal.
  9. Run a load of dishes in the dishwasher to be clean and ready for use at dinner when you’re home.
  10. Gather and toss dirty clothing in the washing machine to save time & start it running as soon as you get home at night.
  11. Put a meal in the crock pot in the morning to welcome you home in the evening. (Check out my simple, gluten free recipes on Pinterest!)
  12. Make your bed. (Really).


Want more morning time saving goodness?  Check out this post: Minimize Morning Stress in 20 Magic Minutes!

What helps you save the most time during the morning rush?  Comment below and let us know!



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