Maximize Your Marriage: Choose The Adventure

Choose the adventure…together.  Every time.  You might think your life is boring, but there are dozens of ways to keep the adventurous perspective on things so you approach every opportunity with optimism and enthusiasm.

Adventure doesn’t always mean excitement.  It can mean pain, stretching, loss, frustration, and sadness.  But the adventure is always worth it when it’s assigned to a greater outcome.  Some of our biggest stretches in life – living overseas a few years, adopting a child internationally, forming our own non-profit organization and raising the money to run it – were absolute breath-taking adventures at the same time.

Take these adventures, for example:

Needing to downsize? Your family could become closer!
Pregnant and tired? Your older children can embrace more responsibility at home.
Facing financial stress? You and your spouse can go to God together and submit to a plan for change.
Have an ailing parent? This is your chance to serve them back, selflessly!
Making a stressful commute every day? Now you can listen to podcasts or spend time getting to know the kids better. (I’m on this adventure right now.)

Our family’s latest adventure is my returning to work after 8 years of being home with the kids, volunteering, and running our non-profit organization out of the house.  Chris remains in his job (which happens to be about 700 miles from here.)  It’s an adventure!  There have been a few falls, scrapes and bruises; some errors and mistakes; but no losses.  We always win when we sit down, identify what’s working (or not) and offer ideas to improve our experience of the adventure.

Which adventure are you facing right now?  Identify one shift in perspective you can make to keep you moving forward in the right direction for your whole family.

Looking for more ways to maximize your marriage?  Learn to listen then stay tuned for the next post!


2 Responses to “Maximize Your Marriage: Choose The Adventure”

  1. Kristie Smith August 22, 2012 at 6:31 pm #

    Awesome. I hope your new adventure is going well. AJ & I are leaving Sunday for an adventure vacation to Banff. There are definitely some things “not working.” And, I’m glad for our hiking, biking & rafting adventure to open us to God’s messages for us!

    • Dana Byers August 22, 2012 at 6:41 pm #

      What an exciting trip you have ahead, Kristie! I’m praying for clarity for you both as you discuss all that’s ahead. :)

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