Free Download: Minimalist Gift Ideas

Free Download: Minimalist Gift Ideas

Free Download: Minimalist Gift Ideas

Over the years, my idea of what a good gift is has changed.  In fact, today is my birthday and I love giving gifts.  Last year, with the help of some generous friends, we were able to give away a a fun gift that blessed me deeply.  This year’s gift for you is practical but significant because I know it answers a lot of the questions I’ve received in months past about how to handle holidays and birthdays with a minimalist mindset.

Giving and receiving gifts can be a touchy thing, can’t it? In America, we can easily associate the significance of a relationship, ourselves, or others with the investment made in a gift.  In other words, appearances hold too much weight.  And when you bring in the practice of minimalism, you soon realize that much of our gift giving culture must go out the door lest we remain caught up in a web of buying and giving things of no true value.

The less you own the more time you have…and the more your home becomes a retreat…and the bigger the issue of giving or receiving gifts can become in your life.  This fact isn’t something to bemoan, however.  It’s an opportunity for you to reframe what a “gift” truly is!

To celebrate my birthday, I’d like to share with you a list of Minimalist Gift Ideas I wrote and use when purchasing gifts for others.  It’s a list, but I’ve used it as a guide for making decisions and learning to identify areas in others’ lives where we might provide them something of value and not simply a thing to be stacked, cleaned, donated, or (gasp!) tossed out.  These are Minimalist Gift Ideas you can give (or receive) without adding physical clutter to your life or home.

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Get your free, one-click download here! Minimalist Gift Ideas

What’s the best gift you’ve given or received?


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  1. Deziray September 2, 2012 at 11:29 am #

    Love it! I have saved this list and will refer to it when giving gifts! thanks for giving me something on YOUR birthday!!

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