I Don’t Know: Running For More Than The Bus (guest post)

Jason Ewart


Hi! My name is Jason Ewart. I was fortunate to have my friend Dana contribute to my first book “Overcoming Obesity & Debt”.

This week I share with you the launch of my next book:

“I Don’t Know: Running For More Than The Bus”

(video trailer: http://animoto.com/play/GJrrliCR0Cj5FR1RqVyJuA )

This book is all about the unfamiliar, the uncertain, potential & possibility. I hope it stirs you for your next pursuit!

Mark Batterson, lead pastor of National Community Church in Washington, DC, USA and author of the New York Times Bestseller, The Circle Maker says this about my new book:

“Jason Ewart’s next book I DON’T KNOW takes us out on a run with him along an adventure trail of possibility and potential. He encourages the reader in their next steps. Read it, share it, run!”

Here is a sample for you:

“Running. That was only for taps or so I thought. Just over 5 years earlier I had overcome obesity with a daily diet of grind it out discipline, new thoughts and fresh fuel. My family helped me take on this unfamiliar journey and I was reluctant to add exercise to the mix. During weight loss, my bride encouraged me to do some exercise with her in the yard. I stumbled my way through what were generously called “sprints” to the fence and back. I decided there that exercise would not be in my obesity obliteration journey and I would save my attempts at running for times when I was late for the bus. Six months on, running for the bus with a new body was a pleasant surprise. I was actually moving and I didn’t feel like I would die. Granted it was a short distance yet it was a very different feel.

Never say never? I decided to embrace the uncertainty and lean in for the new adventure. This was not hard, it was unfamiliar so I looked for someone who was familiar with running, had proven results and the heart of a teacher. My friend, Jason Harper, ran 100 miles in 40 degree plus heat to raise funding of healthcare for inner city schoolkids in California. Added to that, he had trained approx 500 runners to complete their chosen races and they have a 100% finish rate. I joined the dots on that. I needed Jharp in my proximity so I joined his BeChange team! He emailed me a training program and we chatted by phone about all things running-mindset, nutrition, icing, shoes etc. If I would commit we would finish a race.

With a compelling WHY you can find the how.

I had visited the kids at the BeChange run club at Oak Ridge Elementary and was moved by the changes taking place. We discussed the idea of running for a cause and Jason Harper encouraged me to find my own down under.

I was sitting in a “social justice” session at Hillsong Conference listening to a panel which included A21 Campaign’s Christine Caine, a lawyer and a Salvation Army Officer.

I was hearing what could be in a movie yet is real. I was hearing what had ended a long time ago yet it didn’t.
Human trafficking. Slavery.
Stories representing real people, many of them young girls.
As a father, I was gripped with this reality: “that young girl is somebody’s daughter”.

A compelling WHY. Now there was only one option as Jason Harper reminded me: “Finish”.

My books are available from my Amazon Author page (http://www.amazon.com/Jason-Ewart/e/B0097WZ9SK )

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Jason Ewart

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