You Need Truth-Tellers in Your Life

You Need Truth-Tellers in Your Life

You Need Truth-Tellers in Your Life

We minimalists don’t generally look for things to add to our lives, but some things are a necessity.

Latest gadget? No thanks.  Shiny new appliance? Not so much.  Storage bins? Next to never.

But there something I think we all need, and I regularly come across people who lack this necessity.


We lose objectivity on everything from our hairstyles to our business practices over time. Everyone needs truth-tellers to explain where we might be missing the boat.

I know you have friends, but do you have people who love you so much they’ll tell you the truth? (And all of it?)

My husband (my chief truth-teller, handsomely pictured here) often talks about the need to share the last ten percent. The last ten percent includes the details that are embarrassing to say, words we want to protect others from hearing, or things we hate to admit. But the last 10 percent is what makes all the difference in moving ahead on the right path.

What’s that, you say? You have truth-tellers in your life? Excellent. Carry on.

For those of you who don’t have truth tellers, find some. Having only one is a fabulous starting point and can change your life. Make the awkward ask. Offer to return the favor. Bravely ask your co-workers the questions that make you squirm but whose answers could bring clarity that provides direction.

Dana Byers and her family are passionate about adoption and online ministry, and they sold all they owned in 2007 to live a mobile lifestyle overseas and expand online ministry practices globally.  She’s the author of “The Art of Online Ministry” and recently moved to Oklahoma to become the Community Pastor for Church Online. All opinions shared here are expressly her own.


2 Responses to “You Need Truth-Tellers in Your Life”

  1. Ralph Rickenbach October 19, 2012 at 5:20 am #

    This has become very important to me in the last years. I need people that believe with and in me so much that they correct me if needed. I need no discouragers and no yeah-sayers as well. Having struggled with truth in the past, and having some big dreams are just two reasons for that.

    Plant yourself in an environment of faith and truth and appoint men or women to speak into your life. Not too many, but truthful and trustworthy ones.

    • Dana Byers October 24, 2012 at 7:34 am #

      You make a good point, Ralph – we don’t need a lot of people who can do this for us. It’s also necessary to have these kinds of people if we have big dreams to follow!

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