Minimalist Closet: Kids

My kids don’t exactly have minimalist closets, but they’re as close as they can be for the time being. Do you cringe just before opening your kids’ closet doors like I sometimes do? I can’t explain it, but kids’ belongings seem to multiply at night when we sleep. Keeping their closets tamed can be a major feat. My children own more clothes than I do, and I don’t put much of a limit on the amount of items they own unless we can tell it’s too much for them to handle responsibly. Like adults, when kids own too many items, locating toys and books or selecting which clothes to wear to school can become a burden.

Here’s a photo of Blake’s closet at the moment. (I use the phrase “at the moment” because he’s growing and we typically weed out a few items each month.)

Minimalist Closets: Kids

5 Tips on Curbing the Closet Clutter

*Once a quarter we filter out the books he’s outgrown. Sometimes they’re passed on to his younger sister, sometimes they’re donated.
*Have the children keep shoes in an area by the door where they enter instead of piling them up on their closet floor space.
*Take time to teach them how to match clothing items so they can choose what to wear most days without your assistance.
*Consider their daily routine: What’s the best place for her hamper? Can you put a hook up where he can easily hang his wet towel?
*Create a system and write it down. Post it on the bathroom mirror, and after a few days of staring at it while brushing teeth, your child will have it memorized.

Here’s our minimalist closet maintenance system:

  1. Pants, PJs, underwear and socks go in drawers.
  2. Shirts are hung in the closet.
  3. Toys are (usually) put away before bedtime.

Dana Byers and her family are passionate about adoption and online ministry, and they sold all they owned in 2007 to live a mobile lifestyle overseas and expand online ministry practices globally.  She’s the author of “The Art of Online Ministry” and recently moved to Oklahoma to become the Community Pastor for Church Online. All opinions shared here are expressly her own.


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  1. Tiffany February 3, 2013 at 3:10 pm #

    Oh man…I need you to come overhaul my kids room! My boys share the master bedroom…so it’s double the ‘stuff’ in one room…
    Any tips on how to control all the toys? The last birthdays and Christmas’ we have asked family to send us on a trip, instead of more gifts, but there are still just so many little things around.

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