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Getting Started with Church Online

Ready to launch a church online experience for your country?  Do you have a team of people energized around the idea of online evangelism?  Here are some steps to get you started:

Polish Church Online

Polish Team Using Subtitles of Messages


  • Video Creation – you need to be able to cast a vision for your team, for the people who come to visit church online, and those who will support you.  This will likely require a decent HD camcorder or better with a separate microphone.
  • Video Content – in addition to the personal video/pastoring required you need a message/sermon for your church online experience.  If you have the technology you might want to use your regular messages.  My suggestion though is to make it high quality.  If you can’t accomplish the quality then people won’t stick around. have been very generous in allowing others to take their messages and translate them into other languages via dubbing or sub-titles.  While music might not be required in the beginning, worship can be tricky.  Getting the appropriate permission is important and therefore your own music or that of someone excited about church online may be the best source.
  • Church Online Platform – Once your video is created, you need a place to host the video and allow people to participate in the most important part of church online, community. There really isn’t any better solution to this need than using (avail Q4 2010).  In addition, you will need a video streaming solution like LightCast Media.  This might cost you $75USD per month.
  • Build a Team – The key roles in the beginning are; chat hosts (1-2) who can monitor and encourage positive discussion in the chat room,  live prayer volunteers (1-2) who can pray online with those who are seeking answers to life’s questions or seeking spiritual help, translators (1+) who can either provide a live/dubbing of the message to be placed over the video or someone who can type out the message and prepare them in sub-titles for the message.

The rewards you will see in facilitating the message of Jesus to a new audience and often outside of your country is amazing.

As you read this, you still may feel like you need assistance or help.  Our ministry exists to bring church online to every nation and country and language that God will allow.  Reach out to us so that we can help.

The Internet is Not Evil

I heard someone say the other day that The Internet is evil.  I whole-heartedly disagree.

The Internet is not a person. The Internet is not a living, breathing being created to exhibit child pornography or homemade bomb instructions.  (We have man to blame for that.)  The Internet was created for information to be shared quickly, and it’s amazing.

Do you have any information you want to share?  I do.  The way I see it, the Internet is clearly one of the best resources I have to use in my life’s mission.

Are you able to overlook the “what if’s” of connecting via the Internet to see the positive benefits of engaging online?

Kosciol Online (Polish Church Online)

Chris and I launched Blue Door Ministries while our family was living in Europe the past few years.  We were amazed by talented leaders we met abroad who were eager to share The Gospel online.  All they needed was a bit of help.  That’s what Blue Door does – we partner with church leaders to provide resources (cameras, mics, etc.) and training to help them launch online outreach in their native languages.

Our friend and Blue Door partner Pastor Slawek Jagiela has rallied a team consisting of volunteers from 12 different churches to work together to share the love of Christ online with those who are unwilling, or unable to attend a local church.  Here’s a glimpse of their Facebook page – click this link and become a fan!

Interested in making a tax-deductible donation to Blue Door Ministries, Inc?  It’s simple!  You may donate via our Facebook Cause Page.  Thank you!

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