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Spiritual Art – Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

This is a beautiful visual example of what online volunteers like you and me encounter every day on church online, Facebook, Twitter, and in our email inboxes.

What questions or comments not included in this video have you heard from those you’ve ministered to online?


1 Way to Customize Your Ministry Approach

When you meet people at church online, they’re there for a reason. They could be addicted to pornography, they could be fighting illness, or they might be reeling from a broken relationship. No matter their need, God’s word will minister to them. Encourage your team of volunteers to keep the link to at the ready every time they’re online so they have the opportunity to personalize their prayers for and suggestions to church online attendees.

Link Your Vision to Another’s

My vision for is to help indigenous teams launch online churches in every country around the world by 2020. Some days I see movement in this plan, other days I think it’s a crazy cause. I try to remind myself that this vision isn’t wrapped up in what I want. It’s truly comforting knowing God wants His word to go out to all nations, too.

All during this time, the good news- the Message of the kingdom -will be preached all over the world, a witness staked out in every country. And then the end will come. – Matthew 24:14 The Message

Which passage(s) in Scripture can you link your vision to so that when the going gets tough, you hold on to God’s promise?

The Latest

Here are some things you’ll want to know…

I was recently introduced by a pastor friend in the Czech Republic to Slovo Zivota in Brno.  They’re already broadcasting messages at  Look for to help them add a more personal element to their ministry in the near future in the form of an online church!

The Indy Women’s Half Marathon is the race I’m running on September 3.

Nearly 4 years following the start of in London, I’m in the process of hiring some help.  (Can you hear my sigh of relief?)

I recently learned that there are a number of Poles working in France who don’t speak French.  Our partner has become a home church they can gather around while living abroad!

Due to a miscommunication on my part (proof of my need for assistance, as mentioned above) I recently discovered we miscalculated our Bolivian online church launch…by about 470 people!  There were more than 500 Spanish speaking people in attendance!  Oops…



Why Jesus? – Discipleship Resource Online for Your Church

In my e-book I mention the need for your online ministry team to have resources available to meet the needs and questions of those attending your online experiences or commenting on your church’s Facebook page.  If you’ve not yet created your own custom resource (and there’s certainly no need to), give this one a try!’s Why Jesus? page


Church Online Isn’t For You

It’s for people who are far from God.

Here are some mistakes that can happen when we lose sight of the purpose for online ministry:

  1. Duplicating everything from a local church service to an online one.
  2. Striving for attendees to discuss your specific topics in the chat room.  (They might have a pressing issue that’s difficult to talk about but no where else to go for help.)
  3. American-isms (language, sports, climate, currency, etc.)

What else do we need to avoid doing that might exclude those we want to reach?


Video of my Live Q & A Session

Phil and Steve of interviewed me live via Skype last night. If you’d like to see the archived video, click here.


Resource to Give Your Church Online Attendees

The North American Mission Board has a free ebook called “Find It Here” that might be of help to people attending your online church or participating in your church’s Facebook community who are new Christians or haven’t yet committed their lives to Christ.  I encourage you to download it and see if it would be of help to those you’re reaching out to online.

Here are some ways you could share this ebook:

* Give all your online prayer volunteers this link to share with those for whom they pray.

* Post it on your church’s Facebook wall for others to download and suggest your community share the link on their personal walls for other friends to see.

* Include a link to the e-book in the follow-up email you send to your online church’s new attendees.

Helping You Be the Church, Online…


Free e-book Update: Many countries, 1000+ Downloads

Thanks for helping spread the word about my free ebook “The Art of Online Ministry”!  In less than two weeks, we had 1,00o downloads in 40 different countries. It’s been a dream come true to read your emails telling how the e-book is helping you share Christ online in many languages and nations!

If you or your local church don’t yet have a copy, simply click on “The Book” and get yours free in less than 1 minute.



$10 x 75 people = Spanish Church Streaming Online

Blue Door (my non-profit organization) is thrilled to be launching online churches in Bolivia and Guatemala this month!  We will provide streaming fees for these churches to get started, which are $750 for one year.


  • 75 people donate $10 each
  • Re-tweet or Facebook share this post to invite others to help


  • If you make your $10 donation here, you’ll receive the 10 Tips to Building Your Church’s Facebook Community PDF that Mary Beth Stockdale and I wrote!
  • If you’re not interested in the PDF, you may make your donation here.


  • The Gospel will be shared online in Spanish starting this month, and our partners will minister to lost and hurting people.
  • Your $10 will directly provide the framework for global evangelism to happen.

Thank you!

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