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How I Survived A Quick Cross-Country Move

I accepted a job offer on June 6 which led our family to move from Indiana to Oklahoma.  We arrived on July 1, unpacked on July 2, and I began work on July 5.  These are the high points of what helped it work.

1) I slept 7+ hours every night.
2) We laughed at the mishaps (there were a few).
3) I unpacked the kitchen, my kids did their own rooms, and Chris unpacked our office. He and I worked together to get our closet in shape.
4) We took a proper holiday on July 4 – no unpacking or house duties.
5) I got to work. Literally. I began my new job on July 5 and set aside any further settling into our home for a few weeks until we were better adjusted to our new schedule.

At the moment we’re still in the process of sorting out which travel arrangements allow Chris to best serve his team at Formstack, we don’t yet know where our children will attend school in August, and it’s a big adjustment for our family having me work full time (which I’ve not done since 2004).  It remains a very positive transition and we are grateful for this fantastic opportunity.  Thank goodness our home is beginning to feel like a retreat!

The current focus is to only do work things during the weekdays, spend time with my family in the evenings, and keep a running list of home tasks to focus on when the weekends come.

How have you survived a move?


What I Belive is Next for Online Churches (3 of 3)

Today I want church online leaders and volunteers to discuss what could be the most important question for us at this point in time. I’m in prayer and discussion with other church online leaders to seek good solutions regarding this opportunity at hand.

There are pockets of people who are in close proximity to each other choosing to gather and attend church online in homes, share meals, and have informal small group discussions around messages. This is how our family operated when we lived in Europe, and it was one of the best community and church experiences I had.

Years ago Craig Groeschel told me I’m a minister.  I believed him, and my perspective on life has never been the same.  Your church online attendees are waiting to hear they are ministers.  They must know they have permission to use the creative ideas God gives them to change the world.  They need to know that it’s encouraged to invite people over to attend church online with them and discuss the message afterwards.  They need to hear that churches can be planted in their local city using the experiences you’re providing every week.  Church online attendees need to see examples of people scheduling local coffee meetups in our chat rooms regularly.  We must be casting the vision every week in our online experiences and on our Facebook pages to use church online as a means of local outreach. Your attendees will grow (and give) exponentially more if they’re involved.

After reading today’s question, feel free to reply here, on my Facebook page, or via Twitter.

3) We need church online attendees to take up the cause of reaching out locally using the online ministry resources we’re providing. How can we share the vision of church planting potential with our online attendees?

I believe our response and approach to this opportunity is a key element of the future success of online church, and I’m dreaming of the day church online attendees plant thousands upon thousands of churches worldwide.




Well, January is quickly wrapping up and I’m emerging from more than 3 months of seeking God for my next steps in ministry. It’s been a great season – lots of struggle but clear growth, too. I’m grateful to those of you who’ve talked through things with me and helped me process the amazing 2011 we experienced at BlueDoor.tv.

Here’s what I’ve been doing the past few weeks:

* Cleaned my oven, washing machine, dish washer, and refrigerator
* Beat my kids at the game “Sorry” many times :D
* Had lunch with friends
* Listened to music LOUD while home alone
* Read about a dozen books
* Sewed a button back on my winter coat
* Called Pottery Barn to ask them to stop sending me 8 lb. catalogs
* Sold a couple hundred dollars’ worth of items online
* Lost some weight
* Spent quality time with my husband
* Fasted from social media interaction
* Wrote a rough draft of my second e-book (more on this in coming weeks…)

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