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OPEN – assisting UK churches

I just got off the phone on a call from a woman in a UK church who attended the Global Leadership Summit last weekend, heard of the OPEN program, and called our contact number on the advertisement card to get some help. It was really neat walking her through the tech assistance so she can use the PARENTHOOD message series in her local church to minister to families. What a great start to my day – seeing God multiply the use of free materials to bless a church in the UK. God is good!

Jason – South Africa

Don’t just take my advice – listen to my friend Jason in South Africa! He volunteers with Chris, Jayma, and me in the chat room on Sunday mornings. Click on the link below

Jason – South Africa

Mackenzie's 3rd Birthday

This morning Mackenzie received a Happy Birthday message via video.  Like any 3-year old she declared she wanted to star in her OWN birthday video!

Click to play Mackenzie's 3rd Birthday
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Economy Headed South, Ministry Poised to Surge!

Friends, we’re observing the panic of Americans and Europeans alike regarding the state of the global economy.  I heard it said last week that Christians should take notice and be prepared – as people of the world begins losing control over their lives due to the dwindling economy, they will begin seeking help.  What GREAT news!  You and I know there is only one true Helper, capable of overcoming all woes: Jesus Christ.

May we all claim the promise of provision in Matthew 6:33 by seeking His Kingdom first and laying down our worries about clothing, food, housing, and savings.  I am encouraged as I look around and see that current circumstances mean more and more people are going to receive salvation through Christ before His return.

The Venue Search is On!

After a few confusing weeks Chris and I are confirmed for a plan to move forward!  We’re planning 3 different preview experiences for in central London.  One will be in November, one in December, and one in January…each at a different site.  Our goal is to reach as many people as possible – by meeting them where they are.  We’re sorting out ways to form connections in those communities and are eager to use these preview experiences as opportunities for the many OPEN users or those intersted in using OPEN to see first-hand what a Network Church is like.

Things aren’t unfolding at all as we envisioned when we first moved here nearly 11 months ago, but we are sure God’s plan is better than what we *thought* it might be.  But we remain steady and secure in this calling, certain we’re on to something as we watch Him weave our involvement with the Internet Campus, OPEN,, and our local life group together into His desired outcome.

While preparing for these events, our small group continues meeting weekly in our home and we have plans for reaching people in our neighborhood specifically this coming month.

God has given us plenty of ‘no’ answers lately and a few ‘wait…not now’ replies, as well.  I am so thankful we’re moving ahead with these outreach events and anticipate a clearer sense of direction as we obey what He’s laid before us today.

Blake the Magician

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Dana Upgrades to 3.0

Celebrate today!  It is Dana’s 30th birthday.

Thanks for celebrating by sending her an email or leaving a comment.  She will definitely appreciate it. I will start us off.

I have had the privilege of knowing Dana for the entire duration of her twenties.  It is cool to see the changes God has brought both in her personal ambitions and her role as a mother, wife, minister to others, friend.  We both were once focused on having successful business careers (which can still be a worthy cause) and yet very quickly Dana found that helping others was in her heart.  From her first job outside university where she worked with battered women in Indiana to her desire for adoption to her love for her children.  She has pursued her heart and that which God placed in her long ago.

Even more exciting is the next ten years and beyond.  I am so thankful to have Dana as a friend and wife.  She brings much joy in our house and is my best friend.

Happy Birthday Dana



Revolutionary Church

Tonight at The Open Door a man returned who dropped by last week but was too late to see the message.  He was clearly intrigued.  It’s entertaining to see people walk past and look shocked to see a poster for the series “So You’re Dead, Now What?” (featuring people standing at a graveside service) in front of a church.  They might hear loud music coming from the doors we leave wide open to the busy street.  But it’s best when people chalk up the nerve to come in and see for themselves.

…because they’re shocked by bold teaching.  People scratch their heads when lrealize they’d forgotten two minutes into the message that they’re just watching a video and the speaker isn’t live and in person (and happens to be American for that matter).

A simple Internet connection allows our family to share Bible truths with the world.  You likely attend a solid, healthy church.  But living in America means you have probably heard or seen for yourself (or know someone like us) who is sold on this simple way of spreading the Gospel.  It’s really refreshing to answer the questions of the new-comers here in London who wonder if this church model can truly work or last…and to step backand allow them to see for themselves that the community behind the message is a big chunk of what makes it a good church.

I am so thankful to be alive in this day and age to have the opportunity to use technology to reach people as God leads our family.  May it never become old – the fun or seeing Him use a simple computer, data projector, and a downloaded message to change lives for all of eternity.  And my prayer is that it revolutionizes the world – starting in the UK.

TOD 17.8.08

The Open Door is gaining traction.  Very nice to have Chris’s parents in tow to experience it all for themselves tonight. Now it’s time for some more Blue Door Ministries donors to visit!  (hint, hint…)

We’re leaving early in the morning for Wales but Chris and I are both tired and wired all at once after seeing more evidence of true discipleship taking place at The Open Door:

* people telling us God’s using the messages to challenge and inspire them

* attendees staying after the message to serve by helping with tear down and clean up of the temporary room we set up weekly

* some people are even inviting guests to come along!

In short, the dynamics of community are more visible with each passing week.  We know from experience that God does amazing things through communities of believers who seek Him together and look forward to what another week brings.

“Never underestimate that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.  Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead


Chris and I are surprised and deeply blessed today to learn that Blue Door Ministries has gained its first UK-based monthly pledge donor.  God is good!

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