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Do you care about using technology to spread the Gospel and minister to people? Are you active on Facebook and/or Twitter? Consider yourself hired!

We need you to help us spread the word about our ministry.  I love to share updates on our partners’ projects and make announcements via social media.  The message will be radically amplified when great folks like you help us spread the word!

Would you like to join our Social Media Volunteer Team?  You’ll receive no more than 2 emails per month with tweets, Facebook status updates, video links, and more – any or all of which you may choose to share with your friends.

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NEW Church Online Guide: “12 Weeks to Launch”

Ok, friends – you asked for it, and we’re delivering!  Our team at loves to help you be the Church, online.  Over the past few months we’ve received emails from pastors all over the world asking for a better idea of nitty-gritty details you might leave out of the big picture plans for launching an online church.  This guide provides practical tips for Monday through Friday over the course of 12 weeks to help you gain traction in ministering online. provides resources like this and many others FREE to thousands of contacts each year.  Please help spread the word about our services by sharing this post on Facebook or tweeting this post.  And if we’ve ever blessed your team, consider giving back to us by donating online.

Church Leaders: My Free ebook is available now!

It’s here! Whether you’re a pastor, a volunteer, a tech enthusiast, or even if you aren’t sure you agree with the concept of online ministry, you owe it to yourself to download this free guide to explore it thoroughly. “The Art of Online Ministry” is going to help you understand what’s involved in launching an online outreach as well as details of the internal processes you’d follow to keep your ministry thriving. Enjoy the book!


PS – I need your help! Please tweet or Facebook share this post so the book goes out to people in your network who might need more information about online ministry. Thank you.

5 Game-Changing Questions

Recently I came across the list of questions below. They’re basic enough that I barely thought twice while reviewing them, but I promised myself I’d process them awhile and return to them in a few days’ time to see if any needs for change stood out to me.

1) What’s going well for you?
2) What are you trying to ignore?
3) What’s boring you? (gone stale, too comfortable)
4) How do you want to be remembered?
5) Who do you love?

I was truly surprised to discover that making a few simple changes (that these questions helped me uncover) would lead me into the most productive and prosperous (not financially, we’re talking ministry here, folks!) 2 months I’ve had in my life. Dramatic statement, I realize.

So…will you take a little time to consider these questions for yourself?

Good News!

God is for you. Let that be enough today.

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” – Romans 8:31b NIV

Stuck? Probably not, actually.

Yesterday I kept running up against walls – nothing major but the types of things that make one feel she’s not getting anywhere…fast. Shortly after lunch the thought crossed my mind that I was stuck.

Thank goodness for Pete Wilson! As I verbalized my frustration to God in prayer, I immediately remembered hearing Pete speak at Dream Year Nashville Weekend this past January. He said that when we think we’re stuck, we just need to stop what we’re doing, go do whatever it is that recharges us (playing with the kids, a hot bath, reading a book). Once we’ve taken the time to nourish ourselves we can return to work again.

My recharge included some reading and a bit of fresh air (two things I’ve done much too little of lately).

Take a few moments and make a list of things that energize you so that next time you think you’re stuck you don’t have to stay there.


Today I had a frustrating experience with a vendor.  They failed to communicate something, I assumed something had been done, and now it’s an issue.

Poor service always looks like this (and the above situation is no exception):

1) Error made.

2) Somebody’s expectations aren’t met.

3) Problem surfaces.

Part 3 of the list above is where the magic can happen!  You get to remedy your goof-up, and the customer (hopefully) gives you another chance.

Knowing this, what can you do?  Crave feedback.  Ask for it.  Customer/attendee/patient feedback is a gift.  When you receive it, treat it with respect and adjust accordingly.

Determine one way you can get feedback today so that your final product/experience/service is better than it was yesterday.

Leaders: What's Left Unsaid?

Recently I overheard the story of a man who’d been flying in the US.  As the plane he was on neared the runway the pilot quickly picked up speed and returned to a higher altitude unexpectedly. This man looked at his watch and noticed they’d have arrived rather early had they landed at that time but – like everyone else on the plane – had no confirmed idea as to why they didn’t land.

No word from the pilot. Tension rose as twenty minutes passed. One man began sweating profusely and had a panic attack. A woman in the back of the plane had a stroke.

The man said that the pilot finally came over the intercom and said that they’d been told to circle the airport for awhile until their scheduled arrival time. Too little, too late.

Are you leaving anything unsaid that those you’re leading need to hear from you?

Speak up.

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Would you take a moment and “like” the Blue Door Ministries Facebook page?  This is the non-profit organization Chris & I began while living in Europe.  Through Blue Door Ministries we provide training & financial support to online ministry outreach projects worldwide.  “Liking” us on Facebook will allow you to see up to date statuses on these projects.

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A Friend's Inspiring Transformation

A friend of mine began an incredible transformation a few years back and has written about it.  I’ve had the distinct honor of reading all about it and even getting to know Jason via skype calls between London and Sydney over the past 2 years since we met on Twitter.  Jason is a runner, part of the amazing Hillsong Church volunteer team, a consultant and an inspiration.
Knowing Jason’s book is about to be published, I wanted to be ahead of the curve and introduce you to Jason since you’ll likely be hearing more about his book in your social media outlets soon.  Jason took time this week to answer some questions for us:
1) You’ve said that motivation strikes the match but discipline keeps it burning.  What are some daily or routine disciplines you practice to continue fighting obesity and debt in your life?

A budget is a helpful tool for us. We aim to keep to the agreed plan on the spreadsheet and also understand that it is not set in stone. We have regular conversations and revisit the numbers as seasons of life bring changes to income and expenses. Flexibility is key.
2) What motivated you to obliterate obesity and debt in your life?

The obesity obliteration journey came first. I believe it came down to finally being able to answer this question internally with certainty “how bad do you want it?”. I had enough of its impacts. I distinctly remember where I was sitting and the moment I crossed the line inside so to speak.  A fire was lit.  Taking down a giant in my life such as obesity “cheered me on” to go after more. This time (debt) we answered the same question as a family. The old way wasn’t serving us well. We were bound.  We continue to look for opportunities to break free.
3) What’s the first step (besides buying your book) that you suggest someone take in overcoming these types of obstacles?

Have a compelling reason why so when opposition comes on the giant killing journey you will find the “how”.  Also, don’t do the trek alone. In fact, seek specialist advice. This book is not in that category.
Overcoming Obesity & Debt will be available soon at and Amazon Authors.  It will also be in ePub format.
Jason Ewart is a husband, father and leader. He was nominated for Australian of the Year in 2007. He lives in Sydney, Australia.
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