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Let's Make This Official!

Yesterday I wrote about our necessity as believers to live out our passion for The Church by inviting others to experience it.

Since I’m passionate about Online Ministry – I’m taking this opportunity to invite you to subscribe to this blog so you never miss out on the chance to share in the conversation or keep updated on what’s going on in my global online ministry experience.

You coming?  Great!  Click here or scroll down to “Subscribe to My RSS” (located between this post and my twitter feed to the far right), and you’re in business!

Thanks for joining the community, friends.  May we all learn and grow from each others’ input!

Why Haven't You Invited Me Yet?

I recently met a guy in the tech industry at an Indianapolis conference.  We met to discuss our areas of interest in tech and the conversation quickly turned spiritual.  I can’t help but mention my involvement in Church Online since I’m so passionate about it, and he quickly asked me, “Why haven’t you invited me yet?”.  While my evangelistic approach definitely isn’t one of planning on asking people everywhere I go to come attend Church Online with me, I’ve taken many opportunities in the past 3 years to ask people to check it out.  But this was the first time someone I’ve met in the secular work world beat me to the punch!

Our new friend attended church with us in our home yesterday and brought his two kids to play with ours.  We learned more about each other and at the end of the experience he stated that he’d found his new church.  Imagine if we’d missed out on this opportunity! Bear in mind, this guy is quite entrepreneurial and his belief is that if we’re passionate about something we should share the opportunity and let the other person squirm around and eek out a “no thanks” rather than let the opportunity pass by (his words, but not verbatim).

Experience tells me that most of us aren’t surrounded with people who will invite us to invite them to church.  Apart from the occasional experience like the one I had last week, I’m typically the one doing the asking.  Yet I can’t help but think that many people in our lives – even if they aren’t bold enough to mention – are have spiritual questions and are curious about Jesus.  Can you identify anyone in your life that you have a hunch you should invite to church?

Imagine he or she is wearing a sign around their neck that reads, “Why haven’t you invited me yet?”

I Want Your Wisdom for My Birthday! (And here's some of mine…)

Today I turn 32 years old. Each year I like to reflect a little and try to see a theme in what I’ve learned over the past 12 months.

This time last year I was in South Africa speaking in conferences with my husband, Chris, about online ministry. The previous year on my birthday I was leading a group of women in Bible study in London. This year I’m in Indiana – perhaps not as exciting sounding as my previous few years – and yet just as wonderful to me.

My passion for online ministry has only grown this year, and I’m seeing a pattern in the lessons of my life as I continue living it:

1) God is the same everywhere.
2) The joy that comes in serving is not dependent on one’s location.
3) I am human; God is God. Apart from Him, I can do nothing (try as I might).

Have you observed any themes in what God’s been showing you lately? I’d love it if you’d share them with me! (Thanks for the gift!)

Background Info. on Me (Dana)

I’ve been blogging since 2005 – started to share the ups and downs of our family’s international adoption experience, typed my fingers off while our family lived in Europe until November 2009, and now am relocating to my new blogging home here at I’ve not yet transferred all of my posts from years pasts to this site, but feel free to click here to see some of them and learn more about me.

Welcome to the conversation!

Winter Weather Prayer Need

Chris & John are boarding a plane from Frankfurt to Vienna right now. They’re set to land in 90 minutes. A driver is scheduled to drive them from Vienna to Slovakia, a trip that should take around 2 hours…however it’s quite snowy there and it could be a long night. Please pray for a safe flight, safe drive to Slovakia, and energy for the guys after such a busy (but successful!) day at the Willow Creek Association Global Summit conference in Germany.

Some of you have asked – Chris is currently 7 hours ahead of Oklahoma/central time US.

What Would Bernard Do?

Here’s a message from our friend, fellow online minister Bernard Deloach of Discovery Church in Orlando, Florida.

Blue Door Ministries from Bernard DeLoach on Vimeo.

Please click here to see how you can contribute to our family’s efforts to share The Gospel online in many languages. Your financial support makes an eternal difference!

Meeting in Germany Today

Chris has arrived safely in Germany and in a few hours several German pastors and church leaders will attend an informal session he’s organized for the purpose of networking, sharing the OPEN opportunity, and discussing the church online opportunity for German leaders to consider as a way of reaching out to people in their country who will not/can not attend local churches.

*** Keep Chris in prayer at 1pm Central Time today that the meeting would go well and for great Kingdom connections to be made. ***

Exciting: Click here to see the OPEN resources in German!

January 6

When I woke up today a reminder on my phone states we were to fly back to London today. I nearly jumped out of my skin! After the moment of panic passed, I was numbed by the reality of the many changes that have come into our lives in the past 2 months.

I still remember crying while running one morning in London as I realized there was a chance we’d not be returning. Though I still have moments of missing our friends and life in London, I cannot stop praising God for the redemptive experience we’ve had of returning to a home, a school and friends for Blake, the prospect of me returning to the workplace (a longing of mine for a few years now), and Blue Door’s projects in Europe continuing to expand!

Looking back (that’s always the clearest view, isn’t it?) we see that being based in the US for now will allow much more stability for our family structure while Chris continues travel to Europe from time to time to check in on and expand our relationships and projects with various churches.

A stipulation of our visa while living in the UK was that we could not seek employment. We are forever grateful to those of you helped provide for our family. We will continue raising funds and need support. However, Dana plans to begin work soon as a means of allowing any funds we raise to go toward Chris’s travel expenses and funding the projects we’re directly involved with.

I’ll update you tomorrow as to the plans in place for Chris’s trip to Europe this month!

Merry Christmas!

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ANNOUNCING: Our 2010 Plans

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