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Prayer for Belgium

Town Hall for Hope

Dave Ramsey announced on his radio program a national event called Town Hall for Hope. We will be partnering with Dave by hosting and broadcasting this first-of-a-kind event from This will be an awesome opportunity to help bring a message of hope to our nation in these uncertain economic times—and your church can participate for free!

On April 23 at 7:00 p.m. CT/8:00 p.m. ET, thousands of churches will be joining us in hosting the live town hall via a simulcast web stream. Dave will be answering questions from people across the nation via video, phone, twitter, facebook and more as we learn more about what’s happening with the economy, how we got here, and where we’re going. The Town Hall for Hope is free to attend and free to host, which can make it an incredible outreach event for your church. In just the first 8 hours since the event was announced, over 900 churches signed up to be a host site! There are a ton of exciting details coming in the coming days. You can learn more and sign up now at

I believe that in times like these, the Church has an enormous opportunity to provide Hope to a world that is searching for it. It’s an honor to partner with Dave for this event, and we can’t wait to see how God uses it to transform lives!

Bobby Gruenewald at swerve blog

Can You See Him Around the World?

Here is an incredible global video some of our neighbors here in London whom we’ve invited to church online took part in.  You’ll see people around the globe participating in our international church online community Easter introduction video.

Church History!

Facebook has partnered with church online to allow people to invite their facebook friends to church online for Easter. Read this blog post to see what a historic opportunity this is – all for the purpose of introducing people to Jesus!

Easter Online

Church Online Update

We had record attendance at church online last weekend! The number of salvations was nothing short of a miracle. There were more than 3,100 people in attendance with 153 of them committing their lives to Christ.  These results come during the week that was Spring Break for most of the USA, so we anticipate another strong week of ministry opportunities this coming weekend.

The current message series is called Life. Money. Hope. Biblical advice in difficult times and featuring Dave Ramsey.  No matter what currency they use, people from every nation are experiencing financial concerns and this series offers practical advice and Bible teaching on money and debt.  Life Groups are forming online for people to support one another in paying off debt, tithing, and seeking God for His plans for their money.  Be sure to check it out!

I want to share with you a message sent to a church online staff person this week.  It’s a beautiful story of God working through the Internet to disciple His people.

“I started to listen to your series online and it was life changing!!!!. Even though I grow up in Mexico…God put this web side in my life to turn my heart and commited 100% to Him…Pastor Craig rasis up the level of commitmnet in every area of my life. My purity, my integritiy and my relationship whit my furture wife. (I’m getting marry in one month!!!!) Me and my future wife had done many of your “couples series” and now we are even teaching one (growing to the chapel) in spanish, in my home small group in Tijuana Mexico. Thank you sooooooo much and TO GOD BE THE GLORY.”

Reaching the Online Generation

We’ve recently connected with a new friend Paul Watson, who is working full time as a missionary using methods similar to those Chris and I employ to form relationships with lost people. I think you’ll find Paul’s analysis of the UK online interesting, as it really explains much of what we’re currently experiencing and trying to understand more.

to read Paul’s blog post.

We Are Seeing Results

These past few weeks have been a time during which God is showing us results here and there of the international collaboration we’re part of to share Christ locally in our community and online.

*Our neighbor began volunteering to pray with people who attend church online and we received a testimony via email that a person with whom she prayed has re-committed his life to Christ.

*A friend has spent time with both Chris and me asking deep, spiritual questions that show us he’s seeking God in a big, BIG way.

*Volunteers, attendees, and salvations are going steady in the Sunday morning and Monday night church online experiences we lead from our home.  Have a look at Craig Groeschel’s video below to learn more.

Countries Online from on Vimeo.

Exciting week!

!) This week we are thrilled to have learned that 1 person in a city in Guatemala near the village where Mackeznie was born & 1 person who lives just minutes from our home here in London were saved at church online!!

2) Our recently engaged neighbor joined us in our home to watch the current series “The Vow” and has since become a volunteer to offer live prayer to people attending church online!!

3) We celebrate 2 years since Mackenzie’s adoption was final in Guatemala on 23 February 2007. We cannot imagine life without her. She said it best in her own words just a few weeks back, “I be-wong in our family!”


Watch this amazing testimony of Scott Packham.  His story is a true revelation of God using the Internet to reach people, help them initiate change, and begin discipling others.

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