Communication Failure = Slow Growth

It’s not uncommon for a church online team to see God work in incredible ways during an online experience then fail to spread the word.  Much of the Kingdom momentum that occurred in the New Testament is a result of apostles and on-lookers telling others what they witnessed Jesus doing.

How does your church communicate ways you see God at work so as to inspire more people to take part in your ministry through attendance, volunteering, or donating?


7 Life Lessons Discovered by Running a Half Marathon

1) Run with a pack.  If I didn’t have my local church friends Sierra and Kelly to run with, the cheers and support of my husband and kids, the knowledge my chiropractor shared, or the daily encouragement I received from God’s word, running my first half marathon would have been dull and me-centered.  In ministry, you must identify your pack and run with them.  These are people you love to re-tweet, give advice to, and pray for – and they do the same for you.

2) Expect the unexpected.  I fell during the half marathon last week.  Soooo wish we had it on video.  EPIC hilarity.  Running the half taught me one can get a blister on top of an existing blister.  I also learned that a running shirt that’s never caused me problems before could suddenly rub off a layer of arm skin under tougher conditions.  You never know what’s out there – ask those who’ve gone ahead of you for opinions and make sure you laugh along the way.  The yoke of Jesus is still light if you’re on the right path.

3) You aren’t finished, really.  It’s sad when we set a big goal, achieve it by God’s grace, then put our running shoes away for good.  Chalk it up as another great chapter in your life’s book, then get back out there.  “The End” doesn’t come until Jesus returns.  Retirement is rubbish.  In ministry we are in a continual process of completing, processing, and creating – no matter our age, resources, or health.  Go ahead and let things flow together in the awkward way they will because God makes it beautiful.

4) Timing’s everything.  This time last year I was training for what was to have been my first half marathon.  I went to the doctor and discovered I needed surgery for a disease I wasn’t even aware I had.  If I’d run the half last year as planned, I could’ve suffered some serious consequences.  God didn’t want me to run at that time.  It was a hard pill to swallow but the weeks of bed rest I had following surgery resulted in writing the journal pages which birthed all that’s happened in this year.

5) Run YOUR race.  My husband can run a half marathon in almost half the time it takes me.  But I don’t care.  13.1 miles is the same distance whether you have Kenyan legs, twirl around wearing a tutu the whole way, or run/walk a 5 min/2 min pace like me.  Don’t go after someone else’s personal best.  God’s path for you is supposed to be 100% unique by His design.  My mom taught me the phrase “Compare and Despair” as a teenager – wisdom that’s carried me through a lot of confusing seasons of life.

6) You’re only as good as your fuel.  Five weeks into my half marathon training I began getting the shakes on long runs and would fall asleep after my workouts due to sudden drops in blood sugar.  I discovered that eating one KIND bar keeps my little 5’2″ frame going strong.  Have you ever tried to minister, lead a team of people, or care for your family without starting your day by fueling up on God’s word?

7) Remember why you’re running in order to stay the course.  Top runners say it helps to have a visual image in mind that drives you.  Some people have a mantra (“Just one more mile!” or “You’ve got this!”).  Like many of you, I run to be an example to my kids, Blake and Mackenzie.  They count on Mom to read God’s word every day, they know I’m crazy in love with Daddy (and them), and they know Mom wants to take care of her body.  It encouraged me to run with their names on my bib last Saturday.

If there were a running bib big enough, I’d try to explain my purpose for staying in the race of life. One of my ministry motivations is the memory I have of singing with a Jamaican congregation in Tottenham, London in 1998.  I believe I caught a tiny glimpse of what worship in heaven will be like – different cultures, colors, languages – all of us coming together to praise the One True God in unity. In my race I’m combining my experiences, passions, and the grace poured out on my life to use the resources God provides to help increase the population of that global heavenly choir I’ll participate in someday soon.



Let’s keep racing, friends. 


Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished this race we’re in. Study how he did it. Because he never lost sight of where he was headed-that exhilarating finish in and with God-he could put up with anything along the way: cross, shame, whatever. And now he’s there, in the place of honor, right alongside God. – Hebrews 12:2 MSG



1 Second – Get On The List!

My friend DJ Chuang has created a master list of online churches around the world.  At this time there are mainly US churches on the list and yours might not be included.  Please take a moment and go here to see if your church is listed and/or add those you’re aware of not yet included.

This list is more than a list.  I encourage you to share it with your church online volunteers so that if they’re praying for or ministering to someone online who is located far from you geographically, your team can refer to this list and perhaps find a trusted partner church in the Kingdom who can help you reach out to this person locally.

Take a moment to see the growing list here!


Excellent Church Online Video: Czech Republic

I want to expand your global perspective a little bit today.  This church online commercial by my partners in the Czech Republic is excellent (though it really makes me miss breakfast in Europe)!  I think you’ll love it, too.

To learn more about this church, check out their website at (use if you want to read the content in your local language. Providing Free Church Online Platform in All Languages

Today I turn 33.  Few things make me as happy as giving something of value to people I love, and I love the Church. In light of that….



It brings me great joy to announce today that my non-profit organization is releasing a church online platform designed just for you, in your language.  (Psst…it’s FREE!)  Learn all the juicy details and apply to receive the platform here.

At, we want to play a part in seeing the Gospel shared and hurting people ministered to in every corner of the world before Jesus returns.  Join me in praying that entrepreneurial leaders in every country on earth would rise up to launch teams of passionate individuals committed to storming the gates of hell with the Truth online.  (Apologies for the excessive use of prepositional phrases in that last sentence.  It must be because I’M SO EXCITED!)

Best. Birthday. Ever!

Much love,


PS – I have a hunch you want to get on board with what’s doing.  To date we’ve helped churches in about 30 countries.  Please tweet or post this news to your Facebook wall, then donate to our mission.  We’re going to help launch online churches in every country by 2020.  Let’s make a global impact together


How NOT to spend your birthday…(And a surprise!)

Tomorrow is my birthday and I am thrilled to share an exciting present from our non-profit organization to those of you around the world who want to minister online.  It’s a brand new way can fulfill it’s vision of Helping You Be the Church, Online. 

Come back tomorrow to find out!


PS – And seriously, friends, don’t beg me to tell you.  I’m so pumped about this that I can barely keep my lips zipped.  ;)

Did You Forget?

2 Easily-Forgotten Facts About the Gospel

1) We carry it within; the Holy Spirit being ready to work through us at every moment.

2) People all around us (local and online) desperately need it.


If we would remember and act upon these two facts, our world would change.


Perspective Is Priceless

…would you give me yours?

At, we LOVE to serve churches everywhere.  We’re looking at our recent surge of growth and identifying ways we can improve upon the services we provide and the methods we use to provide them. 

Would you comment below and tell me how we can improve any of the services listed here?

* Partner Training (What’s missing?  What’s confusing?)

* Partner Funding- provision of equipment necessary to launch an online church (How can we clarify this process?)

* Donor Communications (What inspires you to donate to

* Newsletters/Social Media/Blog (Are you hearing enough?  What would you like to know?)


Our vision is to launch online churches in every country by 2020, and we need your valuable input to get there.  Many thanks!

Have you heard?…Open Church

Have you heard about OpenChurch yet?

Welcome Lisa!

I am thrilled to introduce you to Lisa, the newest member of the family!  As a result of the exciting growth in online ministry worldwide, we’re adding to our team so that we may better serve our existing partners and launch new online churches overseas more effectively.  Many of you who contact us for information will likely get to know Lisa better.  Here’s a brief introduction in her own words…


Happy Monday!  What an incredible honor to post today on!  I have recently joined the staff of as Dana’s Executive Assistant.  I am so thankful every day that God has placed Dana in my life and that I am able to support her and this incredible ministry as they set out to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth!  My family and I live outside of Charlotte, NC and are active members of our community.
Although I grew up in a home that had a belief in Jesus, it wasn’t until February 2001 that my heart was open to excepting him as my Lord and Saviour.  Having experienced that life changing event as an adult, I am adamant about sharing the gospel so that others can know the peace and love that only He can bring.  I look forward to getting to know our partners and encourage you to join Dana and
For HIS Glory, Lisa